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Here at Rose and Julep, we help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence (and sales) through organic photography, focusing on timeless aesthetics. From our Minimalist Mini sessions for the budding brand, to fully bespoke styling and shooting of story-driven editorials, we are equipped to help put your brand's best face forward.

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You're working every side of your business. Creating new products, advertising, social media, sourcing... the list goes on and on. And learning how to photograph your products ON TOP of creating them is a daunting task. That's where I come in. A photographer for over a decade, and a multiple business owner myself, I am here to help you get the product photos you need to uplevel your brand and make your mark in the online space.

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Transition to Luxury Sessions

For photographers who are ready to transition out of the mainstream portraiture market, and into a Luxury service, our Transition to Luxury Sessions Guidebook is a resource to help you identify and manage 5 of the key things your business needs in order to confidently make the leap. From redefining your now-ideal client to curating your portfolio and offerings, this custom-printed or instant-download PDF guidebook takes you step-by-step through the process in an easy to digest way.

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